Albeck Gerken, Inc. Arterial Traffic Management Tech Note Series

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New technologies for monitoring arterial performance measures generate a lot of data; however, understanding the significance of the data by gleaning the critical information, requires summarizing the data into a concise, easy to understand format that shows trends and patterns. Albeck Gerken, Inc. and Coke Consulting, LLC, have teamed to develop a periodic reporting format that provides detailed travel time reliability analyses coupled with summaries of active arterial management functions. An overview page describes system-wide information, while individual corridor pages – one page per corridor – clearly show trends of the specific parameters related to the monitored corridor. For more information, contact Pete Yauch ( or Shelby Coke (

Signalized intersections

can operate in a flashing mode under two primary scenarios.

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NEMA TS-2 Controllers

One of the big advantages of the NEMA TS-2 controller and cabinet configuration is its flexibility to be used in a variety of intersection configurations.

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Intersection Controller

Preemption capabilities and implementing special traffic clearing strategies.

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Albeck Gerken, Inc.

recently completed a field operational review of the new TrafficCast BlueTOAD Spectra. The Spectra is a technological advancement in Bluetooth-based MAC address travel time studies.

Here is a summary report.