transportation systems management and operations (tsm&o)

Florida DOT, District 7 Arterial Management Program (AMP)
Florida DOT, District 5 Active Arterial Management (AAM) Program
Florida DOT, District 5 Integrated Corridor Management Program

Traffic signal retiming projects

Hillsborough County, Florida
Florida DOT, District 7
Florida DOT, District 1
Florida DOT, District 2
Florida DOT, District 3
Florida DOT, District 4
Florida DOT, District 5
City of Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota County, Florida


MetroPlan Orlando
Seminole County, Florida
Virginia Beach, Virginia
(NOACA) Signal Timing Optimization Program Pilot Project
Pennsylvania DOT, District 6
Falls Church, Virginia
City of Melbourne, Florida
Hernando County, Florida

advanced traffic management system (ATMS) support

Hillsborough County, Florida
City of Tampa
Melbourne, Florida
Plant City, Florida
Hampton, Virginia

work force development

Florida DOT, Central Office training programs for arterial traffic operations
Florida DOT, District 7 Arterial Management Program
Minnesota DOT, Traffic Training Program
Ohio DOT, Traffic Training Program
Pennsylvania DOT, Traffic Training Program

traffic training contract

Four year contract to instruct the following Mn/DOT training courses:

  • Traffic Signals 101
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Traffic Signal Timing and Coordination (using Synchro)
  • Traffic Guide Sign Design (using SignCAD)
  • Freeway Signing Plan Design
  • Roadway Lighting Design

A review of our last 200 signal retiming projects, comprised of more than 2,700 intersections, indicates an average Benefit to Cost Ratio (B:C) of 38:1.  Retiming traffic signal systems provides a valuable return on investment for our public works dollars.