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(FYA) implementation


FYA Paper and Resources
FYA Draft Paper (PDF) - 11/10/2015
FYA Draft Paper (DOC) - 11/10/2015
FYA 11-12-2015 Presentation (PDF)
Example Plans (PDF)

FYA Resources (Links)

I.  Introduction

II.  History Background

III.  Background

IV.  Laws and Regulations

V.  FYA Design

  • FYA Head Configuration
  • Meaning of Indications
  • New Designs
  • Retro-fit Designs
  • Cost of Conversions
  • Plans Presentation

VI.  FYA Operations

VII.  Cabinet and Controller

VIII.  Cost of Conversion

IX.  Recommendations for PA

X.  Implementation


Project Videos and Animations

5-Section vs. FYA Indication
The Left Turn Trap (w/5-Sect)
Left Trap with Lag-Lag Lefts
FYA Left Turn Trap Fix