marple springfield

sr 0320 and sr 0001

Project Files
Project Location

Project Performance Videos
SB Before vs. After Video
NB Time-Space Diagram Video
Fine Tuning and Adjusting
Signal Optimization Process

Project Benefits
Project Benefits Report
11" x 17" Intersection Detail Results (PDF)
Network Performance Measures (including TSDs)

Preliminary Meetings, Documentation and PM
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Permit Compliance Report
Meeting Minutes

Field Studies and Field Study Coordination
Petra TMC Files (zipped)
TaxPro ATR Files (zipped)
Existing Controller Data Printouts (N/A)

Traffic Modeling Files
Synchro Files (zipped)
Tru-Traffic Files (zipped)

Timing Plan Implementation
Marple Timing Plans (Controller Input Files)
Springfield Timing Plans (Controller Input Files)